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About Us:
Brothers Sam and Christopher Shallow grew up in Vermont fishing and loving the outdoors. In 2002 the Shallow brothers learned the art of blowing glass. When they moved to California to pursue a career in glass blowing, Sam had a great idea of combining their two passions, Fishing and Glassblowing, Creating Shallow Glass Lures.
Sammy Critter Glassblowing
Why Glass?
The type of Glass we use is a very strong hard glass called borosilicate. We use American made, Pyrex glass from Corning, NY along with a few other companies from the Northwest. The Reflection and refraction of the light through the glass puts off a very bright, attractive shine to lure the fish in. We also use a highly reflective material called Dichroic Glass that is a fine metallic layer between the glass. Very Vibrant!

The glass can take sharp teeth bites and rock hits without a scratch!

Donner Lake early sunrise fishing rod

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