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Trout Patterns known to work on rivers and lakes, casting or trolling

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Our trout patterns below are simple and effective. We have multiple glass body variations, blade assortments styles colors sizes, and the ultimate hook choice coming from the sharpest hooks on the planet, Gamakatsu.

Trout Tamer
#3 French blade, Chartreuse body red eye

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Sierra Sparkle
#3 French blade, Blue sparkle bead body

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Glass Caviar
#6 In-line Blade, Red bead body

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Silver Caviar
#6 In-line Blade, Silver fume bead body

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High Contrast
White with blue eye, #6 Colorado Blade

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High Contrast
White with Ruby Red eye, #6 Indiana Blade

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Glow Baby
Glow glass body with #6 in-line blade

Glow in the dark lure
More Details..
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A Unique Glow in the Dark Glass. Charge the Glass with a flash light or sun light and it will glow!

Red Bullet
Ruby Red body, #3 French Blade

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White Mini Bullet
#3 Inline Blade

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Blue Mini Bullet
#3 Inline Blade

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Green Mini Bullet
#3 Inline Blade

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