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We can work with you to make your Dream Glass Lure!
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We have a Huge selection of colors for you to choose from.

Add lettering and words to your lure
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We Can make a wide variety of Glass body shapes and sizes
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Choose from large assortment of blades
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Choose from a variety of Gamakatsu Hoooks.
Single hooks selection include Big River or Octopus, with or with out the barb.
Treble hooks include the classic, Round Bend, or the Round Bend Barbless
We will match the hook size to the lure, unless otherwise stated
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Put a squid skirt on of your color choice

Add a swivel from body connecting the hook for vicious head shakes and twists!

Add Text!

Contact Us if you are interested in designing your Dream Lure, Prices will vary from $9.99 up to $30.00 depending on Size